Chachan Group is one of the leading commercial and industrial houses in Nepal involved in a wide spectrum of activities. Chachan Group's business and industrial activity is intended for all kinds of national and international business interests.

The group evolved into a manufacturing and trading house when it changed its course into manufacturing from the family owned trading business. This move not only made the group grow leaps and bounds but also established itself as a leading industrial and trading house.

The group in its initial days traded various commodities such as leather and leather products, cement, vegetable ghee, food grains, lentils, oil seeds, spices, consumer goods, fertilizer, pulses, edible oils and animal feeds. Today, the group not only trades these commodities but also produces them.

The group’s expansion was not merely driven by the market force. There were visions and entrepreneurial skills of earlier generation of businessmen, Mahabir Prasad Chachan and Shree Maliram Chachan, who steered the business towards what it is today. When the group passed onto the new generation of businessmen, BabuLal Chachan and ParmeshwarLal Chachan who are Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively, the group had reached to a position from where it would never have to look back.